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India's present population is around 110 crores Every year there is a growth of 3% & on an average for 5 years it is 10%. With the increase in population we have to increase the production of food grains, for that we have to use more land for cultivation.

Every year the State as well as a Central Government allocates(keeps) 10 to 15% for irrigation projects in the budget.

  1. In the future we have to utilize more land for agriculture purpose.
  2. In the mean time after 5 years land will be restricted for residential purpose.

As population grows the Government have to create more and more jobs(Employment) for general public obviously the Government will give more importance for industrialization for Eg. Right now the Government is allocating more than 10% for Industrial Development, again due to industrialization land will be acquired.

After this again you can find out there is land restriction for residential purpose.


As city grows we have to reserve land for commercial purposes also.


Once agriculture production & industrialization increases, commercial activity will start. Simultaneously for the purpose of shelter residential areas will come. For all these activities we have to reserve and expand the lands(Areas) for Transport purpose Eg. Roads, Bus stand, Goods transport, Lorry stand, Railway tracks, Airport, Harbors.

Every year we have to expand and reserve more and more land for infrastructure development, because of this reason also the land will be restricted for residential purposes.

Over all in future due to population growth in the country all the above activities cannot be stopped. It will be a continuous process for the countries Economic Growth, in the mean time housing activity will keep on increasing and modernizing & after 5 years Residential area will be restricted.

This is the Right time to invest on clear title land individual sites rather than for any other investment.



Cities like Bhubaneswar,Cuttack,Brahmapur and Rourkela are friendlier for horizontal growth. Why ? Because in these cities we can expand in all directions for residential purposes. once proper transportation and infrastructure are given inside the city & proper connecting roads and National Highways  on the outskirts, city will expand and extensions will come in outskirts. Ultimately if the Government plans properly these cities will not be crowded, people always like individual sites and horizontal growth of the city. And  in this recession  period these cities provide sites are in affordable price. Due to horizontal growth in all directions we can concentrate an Individual and residential / commercial townships.


Cities like Bombay, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mangalore and Cochin will be developing vertically, Why ? Because due to coastal area(sea shore). One side land will be totally paralyzed ( because of sea ) for city's growth. Only one side will be developing because of land restriction & apartments are more affordable than individual sites.

There is a lot of difference between India and US ( America ), most of the people think America's property value is in down fall & because of that India's Real Estate will also come down. But according to me this is wrong. Why ? Because each and every countries economy, people's mentality & Geographical area will be different. Based on that I will give you simple statistics.

  1. America's Population is around 30 to 35 crores and around 90% people are having own shelter.
  2. India's population is around 110 crores and only 42 to 50% people are having own shelter.
  3. India is having only 1/4th of the land compared to America.

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